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Successful Marketing Through Logos


Apr 07, 2011

About 3 minutes

Many people don't realize that a logo is considered the most important graphical representation that your company has. If your company's logo does not stand out from competitors and influence your target market, your sales may suffer! Below are a few examples of companies that have successful logos complete with hidden messages to reiterate the consumer's understanding of what each company represents:


fedex logo



1. FedEx

The FedEx logo has an arrow concealed between the E and the X to emphasize that they deliver to all destinations.


Amazon Logo





2. Amazon

The yellow curved line under the logo isn’t just a smiley face: It also symbolizes that Amazon carries everything from A to Z.


tostitos Logo





3. Tostitos

The two t’s in the middle of the Tostitos logo are also guys sharing a tortilla chip, and the i in between them is a bowl of salsa on some sort of pedestal.


Baskin Robbins Logo



4. Baskin-Robbins

After Baskin-Robbins dropped the “31 flavors” slogan, it highlighted the number 31 in pink using parts of the B and R.


Goodwill Logo







5. Goodwill

The letter G is also a smiling person; It's another fun way for them to show their Goodwill.


These clever ideas for logos could be inspiration for your company's rebranding initiative, which in turn could help revamp your brand identity and marketing strategy. Most logos that are successful are credible and are able to effectively communicate the company's core competencies. These logos are able to stand alone in marketing materials and still grab the consumer's attention.

For more companies that have hidden messages in their logo Click Here.

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