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How to Use Inside Sales and Telemarketing in B2B Tech Lead Generation

By David English

Jul 24, 2023

About 6 minutes

As marketing evolves, changes seem to happen slowly. However, the extent of the change over time has been quite stunning. 

Two related, but distinct, areas where change has been most pronounced are Telemarketing and Inside Sales.

At one point, telemarketing was a main channel for the lead generation run by inside sales. Today, telemarketing is just one of many weapons in a broader arsenal that includes inbound marketing tactics, such as social media marketing and digital advertising. 

Inside Sales and Market Segmentation

One overlooked area that has impacted how inside sales teams operate is how improvements in quality of data available affects the ability of inside sales reps to utilize deeper and continuously updated business intelligence (BI) on prospects. 

For sharp marketing and sales professionals, this BI can guide them in creating discrete market segments. When segments are defined correctly, they empower business-to-business (B2B) firms to create and send content offerings that demonstrates expertise in the interests of the target segment. 

Here are examples of B2B tech segments that can be created: 

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) 

MSPs can build industry, geographic, and technology-specific market segments. For example, an MSP could target law firms in Charlotte that use Cisco solutions. 

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) 

MSSPs can add segments that are geographically broader and consider regulated industries, such as mid-sized healthcare organizations, that use a specific security technology. 

Consulting Service Providers/System Integrators (CSPs/SIs) 

CSPs and SIs may be able to consider multiple technologies at use in an organization and show expertise related to leveraging a technology stack. 

Software as a Service (SaaS) Firms 

There is almost no limit to how granular SaaS firms can get with their data segmentation. 

How Segmenting Influences Marketing Strategy 

Sales and marketing teams should be very intentional when creating their market segments and building the value propositions and proof points in those segments.  

By refining segments, B2B companies can send offerings to a more defined audience, which means there will be fewer companies targeted in comparison to broader, more general segmentation. Today, we might have a market segment of 100 companies, whereas we once had one of 5,000.   

Creating these smaller segments means your company’s outreach must be more effective at determining the solutions and services needs of B2B buyers. Generating a higher percentage of leads within a segment requires that inside sales teams customize their outreach messaging and supporting materials for an ultra-targeted approach as opposed to the scattershot approach of the past. 

To take a customized approach, inside sales professionals must do more research on individual firms within these target segments. 

The Role of Telemarketing 

Inside sales can create very specific outreach messages along with specific offers. Tailoring your messaging to a targeted audience shows you have done the research.  

While telemarketing is less in favor now, this very targeted outreach can be an effective part of the marketing mix. Other forms of outreach, specifically email and social, can be used to supplement telemarketing efforts. On social, direct outreach and connections can be a focus when the rep has a unique perspective on the prospect’s industry. 

In these cases, marketing automation can be both a blessing and a curse. While automating much of the above is helpful, care should be taken to ensure the messaging is still very customized and personalized. 

How TSL Marketing Helps 

At TSL Marketing, we can help your B2B technology company or MSP business target the right audiences through market segmentation. Our lead generation experts work with your company to set realistic and achievable goals and follow through with lead nurturing and reporting on key metrics to gauge your progress. 

Find out more about how TSL can help your company strengthen its marketing and sales strategy. Request a meeting with one of our B2B Growth experts today. 

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