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3 Tips for Using Your Company’s Website to Generate Leads

By TSL Marketing

Nov 28, 2022

About 6 minutes

One of the keys to B2B marketing success is keeping your pipeline full. To keep your pipeline healthy, your company should leverage a website’s potential to generate leads. Not only should your website attract prospects, but it should create opportunities to turn visitors into leads and eventually convert them into customers. 

Here’s an overview of 3 ways your business can use your website for lead generation. 

1) Keyword Optimization 

To generate more leads, your MSP needs to take an agile approach to website content. This means embracing the process of continuous improvement by regularly optimizing web pages to include keywords and long-tailed keywords that you would like to rank highly for in search. Web pages should include target keywords and variations so that Google search directs visitors to your website content. 

An SEO expert can work with you to identify keywords or utilize keyword planner tools to incorporate them into existing web pages. Based on these keywords, you can also create new pages for a topic cluster related to a pillar page, such as your page for managed services. 

Using keywords related to managed services areas of specialization and managed services in your geographical area can drive more traffic to your website, increasing your company’s visibility and opportunities for engagement.  

2) Creating Landing Pages

Attracting visitors to your website opens the door for lead generation. However, to turn visitors to your website into leads, your company needs to develop landing pages.  

Landing pages promote offers and create both engagement and conversion opportunities. For MSPs, a landing page could promote a managed services consultation, proposal, or quote. Landing pages can also gate thought-leadership content, such as eBooks or white papers. 

Landing pages are great places to incorporate trust signals. A landing page can be enhanced with trust signals, such as partner logos and certifications, client logos, awards, and a testimonial from a client describing the experience of working with your company. Learn more about placing trust signals by watching our video “Generate More Leads on Your Website With Trust Signals.” 

The form on the landing page captures prospect contact information, transforming website visitors into leads. You can even use the form to get information about the managed services leads are most interested in. Be sure to tailor your form fields to match the value of the offer. 

3) Calls to Action 

Without calls to action (CTAs), website visitors don’t have any way to engage with you and convert. CTAs give visitors to your website access to your landing pages so they can take the next step by filling out the form and becoming a lead.  

To generate leads, CTAs should recommend a clear next step conveyed by action-oriented language, such as “Ask for a Proposal” or “Get Your Copy.” Bold typefaces and contrasting colors will make the CTA button stand out and encourage clicks. 

For optimum lead generation, your web pages should include at least one CTA per page. Ideally, a web page should have 2 CTAs: one above the fold and one at the bottom.

These CTAs can lead to the same offer or may lead to 2 separate offers that target prospects at different stages in the buyer’s journey, such as a content offer and a demo offer.  

Get Expert Advice on Optimizing Your Website for Lead Generation 

All 3 of these lead generation tips work in concert. Keyword optimization will lead to more site visitors. CTAs create opportunities for engagement and conversion and lead to landing pages where visitors and prospects become leads.

For over 20 years, TSL Marketing has been using its B2B marketing expertise to help technology companies, such as MSPs, optimize their websites and generate more leads. We can work with your company to develop a winning marketing strategy that ensures your company is recognized, known, and trusted.



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