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4 Ways to Kickstart Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy

By TSL Marketing

Feb 06, 2023

About 5 minutes

The technology industry is highly competitive. To stand out among the competition, achieve their business goals, and maintain growth, B2B tech companies need to establish effective lead generation strategies. 

In response to a constantly shifting marketplace, having a solid lead generation strategy is crucial. Your company needs a clear vision of scalability while remaining agile and responsive.

We’re sharing 4 key elements to include in your lead generation strategy for the upcoming year. 

1) B2B Tech Marketing Goal Planning 

It’s important to think about your goals and objectives and the key results you want to achieve before you create any lead generation strategy. Documenting these goals will help benchmark progress. You can set your goals and objectives and then re-evaluate when or if needed. Be sure your team understands these goals and moves in the same direction to achieve success together. 

2) Defining Target Audience for B2B Tech Marketing 

Once you have goals defined, we recommend creating an ideal customer or buyer persona. You can create a persona by internally researching your contacts database and consulting your sales team.  

Consider the following when establishing a target audience: 

  • Where are your customers primarily located? 
  • What types of job roles do your customers have?  
  • What professional challenges do your customers experience? 
  • What does your company do that would help your customers overcome their challenges?
After completing this research, use the information found to identify patterns and common traits to develop at least one primary persona. Learn more about other B2B Tech Marketing services by reading about growth marketing for MSP companies.

Trust-Building Elements on Technology Websites

Let your work speak for itself! Showcase established credibility on your website. Reach out to loyal, happy customers and ask them to leave a review or provide testimonials. Creating case studies detailing the challenges of previous customers and how you solved for them is also a great way to establish trust. Be sure to include awards and certifications your company has earned throughout your website. 

To see examples of case studies, visit TSL’s Success Stories. 

4) Landing Pages for B2B Tech Services and

Give your potential leads a place to easily connect with you, request more information on your services, or ask for a consultation. A well-designed landing page can help you attract leads and collect prospects’ contact information. We recommend that each landing page concentrates on just one offer — one that serves as a solution to your visitors’ challenges — and includes a clear, actionable call-to-action (CTA). 

Does your current lead generation strategy check all the boxes? Meet with a B2B Tech Growth Expert and receive a comprehensive review of your current growth strategy, methods, and plans.



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