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Generate More Leads on Your Website with Trust Signals

By TSL Marketing

Jun 14, 2022

About 2 minutes

Is your website hitting your lead generation goals? TSL President David English and Senior Director of Creative Services and User Experience Norma Shepardson are sharing this video about trust signals and how best to employ them for website optimization.

Tip 1: Don’t Be Humble

Trust signals are basically snippets of information that give you credibility, so don’t be afraid to use them. These can be testimonials, quotes from satisfied clients, references, case studies, client names and logos, certificates, awards, and accreditations. Be proud of what you’ve earned and don’t be afraid to show off your expertise.

Tip 2: Place Trust Signals in Prominent Locations

Users shouldn’t have to dig through your site to find trust signals. Place them in visible locations on your home page, landing pages, and highly trafficked pages. Bring them above the fold and make them visually engaging.

Tip 3: Start with What You Have

If you’re a new company launching a website, start with existing materials like a testimonial, new features of your product or services, and leveraging “local” credentials for your service area. These types of trust signals typically don’t require lots of resources to put together.

Watch the Trust Signals Video


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