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Energize your Social Selling Efforts with LinkedIn

By Devesh Panchwagh

Dec 03, 2013

About 2 minutes

Imagine having the ability to find quality prospects, understand their interests, and connect with them without even leaving your office. Because of social media, the way we build relationships and generate sales has changed significantly over the years. Social selling in particular has brought in a wave of opportunity by having a field of information available at your fingertips. 

Consider the below infographic to help energize your social selling efforts with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

key to social selling C resized 600

With the help of LinkedIn, the sales process is made easier by having information right in front of you. As a social site, potential prospects share their interests by posting information they believe is thought provoking, join groups that help support their professional enviornment, and update their profile to reflect their personality. Having this information streamlines the sales process by allowing you to choose if it would be a productive experience before even setting a meeting.

Content not only helps reflect who the prospect is as a person, but can also build trust. With the reccomendations feature, you can review their previous relationships and get a good idea of who they are from an outside source. In turn, they can also build trust with you by reviewing your information as well. 

Since information lives on LinkedIn, you have the ability to access relevant material to help build your accounts at any time. Relevant information organized in the right way can allow for almost immediate action in the sales process. This saves time and improves ROI by minimizing the hours it takes to close a deal.

Social selling has significantly changed the sales process in a way that makes it time and cost efficient. Having the ability to initiate relationships with prospective buyers almost instantly can really help you acheive sales goals set for now and the future. 

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