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Digital Marketing Metrics Cheat Sheet

By Brian Shilling

Feb 29, 2016

1 min

Are you as frustrated as I am to find an up to date and relevant list of Digital Marketing metrics and measurements?

For years I have been looking for an easy to use reference guide or cheat sheet that has up to date information and statistics for Digital Marketing.  In the past I would have to search for indivuidual statistics to compare and contrast and gauge performance.

Well look no further Marketing professionals.  We have created an easy to use Digital Marketing Metrics Cheat Sheet for all to enjoy.  AND we will not ask for any of your information.  We simply want to help educate and inform the masses.  Ungated and helpful content...can I get an amen!

Download it, print it or make a poster with it (The design has a periodic table look and feel to it.  Marketing is a science people).  Either way, this should save you time finding benchmarks and industry averages for all of the most important Digital Marketing metrics.  Many thanks to our friends at HubSpot for providing resources to research and provide up to date metrics.

Click the Image to Download

So how are you performing in relation to the benchmarks and metrics provided?  If help, support, advice, guidance or assistance is needed then please fell free to contact us.  We are currently offering a Digital Marketing Assessment to the first 100 companies who inquire.  We are happy to help and spread the good word on the importance of Digital Marketing.

 Click to Request a Digital Marketing Assessment

Cheers to your future Digital Marketing success!


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