Managed service providers (MSPs) that use digital marketing to fuel and filter their sales funnel quickly realize that digital marketing alone isn’t a silver bullet for their sales and marketing needs. Managed IT service companies need to re-evaluate the need for human connection in the sales process. 

TSL Marketing believes in combining telemarketing and digital marketing to produce the best lead generation results for MSPs. We conduct outbound marketing using our experienced and skilled staff of Business Development specialists. 

Make TSL Your Partner for Telemarketing

Find out what TSL can do to help your managed IT services company achieve success with outbound marketing. 


MSP Telemarketing Services 

Reaching people by phone is more difficult than it once was, but creating a human connection between your brand and your customers is still important.  

That’s why TSL offers a combination of inbound and outbound marketing services. Depending on the objective and long-term strategy of an MSP customer, TSL may still carry out cold outbound telemarketing. In other cases, we focus more on inside sales support for warm prospects or prospects who have interacted with our content. 


  • Integrated Marketing

    Following up on digital interactions through telemarketing is a key part of a successful integrated marketing plan. Telemarketing follow-up shows that your business is willing to devote individual attention to the prospect. 

  • Inside Sales/Telemarketing  

    We use our inside sales team to capture background information on prospects, start relationships with decision makers, uncover leads, and connect leads with our customers.  

  • Program Management

    The Business Development teams at TSL are managed by our all-star team of project managers who work with our clients to identify a target audience and craft a message for your products and services that is catered to your audience. 


The TSL Telemarketing for MSP Difference  

Our 20+ years of experience working with B2B technology clients gives our in-house team the expertise they need to provide telemarketing services for MSPs so your managed services company can reach more prospects directly. 


  • Experienced Team

    Our experienced Business Development professionals are experts in the art of the phone call. We use an outbound marketing team led by expert project managers to engage, nurture, and progress leads through phone, email, and scheduled meetings. 


  • Reporting

    Our project managers stay in touch with your team to report on the success of campaigns and refine the process. 

  • Results

    Our MSP clients see great outcomes from their telemarketing efforts, including more pipeline, marketing qualified leads, and sales qualified leads. 


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