“We would not be where we are today without TSL. They are critical to our team's success.”

Migrating a global $22B enterprise technology company from Marketo to HubSpot was a massive undertaking, and it was only the beginning of an incredible partnership with TSL. Migration is where this story starts, but it’s nowhere close to where it ends.   

The Migration Challenge

Transitioning from Marketo to HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise 


A global $22B enterprise technology company was looking to move from marketing platform Marketo to HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise. In addition to this massive transition, the timeline was extremely tight, as Marketo would be terminated within 90 days of transitioning to HubSpot. The company knew it had to move quickly while simultaneously ensuring the integrity of data, consistency, and scalability for future use.  

The company has a complex structure comprised of multiple business units and almost 20,000 employees. Its marketing team alone has 40 members who needed to be trained and onboarded to the new system, as many of them were not familiar with HubSpot.  

Finally, the company needed support for its account-based marketing approach by migrating its growing customer base and segmenting them in HubSpot. Thorough analysis tools were also needed to provide insight on the company’s user and customer engagement.  

Migration Challenge

The Migration Solution

A Single Source of HubSpot Guidance 


TSL made strategic and deliberate recommendations for the global technology company’s migration to HubSpot. The setup was thorough and intentional while taking the company’s goals into account. TSL provided guidance to allow the company to optimize the HubSpot Enterprise platform with fully customized preferences, contact and account properties, user access, consistent nomenclature practices, and more.  

Using its expertise as a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner, TSL built everything for the enterprise technology company from the ground up. These efforts included a 34-page “HubSpot Process Manual” for internal onboarding purposes, custom-created practicums to build out content, workflow creation, dashboards, and reporting. As well, TSL created a 34-page Quality Assurance Checklist to manage the build of new marketing assets within client’s HubSpot instance. It included guidelines/parameters on Email, CTAs, Landing Pages, Forms, Workflows, and List Creation for multiple divisions within the company.  

By the 90-day deadline, TSL took over as the sole HubSpot consultant for the company, providing strategy sessions, web development, data management advice, and training resources. The key takeaway for the company was understanding the flexibility of the HubSpot platform and its potential to meet current customer engagement KPIs with the potential for new client growth.  


The Benefits

A Marketo to HubSpot Migration Fully Realized  


TSL helped the global technology company realize the many benefits of the HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise platform, including its ease of use, scalability, and data management capabilities. It was also able to leverage TSL’s expertise in HubSpot to develop a seamless migration plan that reduced risk while keeping important systems intact.  



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The Results

Strategic Initiatives for Optimized Marketing Operations 


The Marketing Operations team did not take the HubSpot migration as a means to continue existing campaigns; they capitalized on a growth opportunity to expand and reimagine their strategy.  


Year 1: 


  • Custom Preference Center. TSL built a custom landing page and form that allowed marketing contacts to self-select their status as a customer, a prospect, or a partner. Behind the scenes, TSL built dozens of lists and complex workflows to identify prospects based on personas and associated company data.   

  • Data Strategy. TSL created a data architecture using custom properties that established a hierarchy of products, product families, product segments at a contact and company level for each division. The team created engagement properties with date stamps that became a system of record to help identify what and how contacts were engaging. Similarly, the team identified contacts that were not marketable and should be suppressed from marketing and/or transactional email communications.  

  • HubSpot Process Manual. TSL created a process manual with standards for naming assets and standard operating procedures for all aspects of creating new assets. TSL onboarded and trained 50+ employees, including custom practicums.  

  • Contact Refinement. The team explored extensive options for annually reducing the number of contacts within HubSpot’s database while maintaining its dual role as the company’s marketing platform and functional CRM.   

Year 2 :


  • Company Acquisition. The global technology company acquired a large company and migrated it from Eloqua to the existing HubSpot instance’s contact database and data architecture. TSL strategized updates to the custom Preference Center, considerations for overlapping contacts, updated processes to reflect the new company’s structure, new email and landing page templates, and new integration processes. 

  • Implement GDPR. The global technology company implemented GDPR so that only contacts with a corresponding out-of-the-box HubSpot subscription could receive marketing emails. TSL built a bidirectional relationship with HubSpot’s existing out-of-the-box subscription types so that contacts that subscribe via the custom preference center would receive a HubSpot subscription, and likewise, unsubscribes would update custom properties and email distribution lists.   

  • Tiers of Engagement. TSL identified 4 tiers to layer on email distribution lists so that the teams automatically send the most frequent communications to highly engaged contacts, while sending less frequent and high importance communications to moderate or less engaged contacts. This strategy was to reduce unsubscribes while keeping highly engaged contacts in-the-know.  


  • Preference Center Betas. With the main preference center in good working order, the global technology company expanded its initiatives to create 7 custom sub-preference centers. These initiatives included microsites, office hours, newsletters, etc. Each sub-preference center sat underneath the standard preference center so that if a contact unsubscribed from a division, it would flow through to the sub-preference center.  


  • Lead Generation & Nurture Campaigns. TSL assisted with digital advertising campaigns, SEO, and UTM parameters for accurate reporting. The global technology significantly expanded nurture campaigns and engaged TSL to build, launch, A/B test, and report campaign analytics across multiple segments.   


  • Sold a Product. TSL assisted in the transition of a branch of the global technology company to another company. In addition to cleaning up the data and associated contacts within the main HubSpot account, TSL continued in service to set up a new and separate HubSpot account within the new technology company’s ecosystem.    

  • Integrations. TSL aided in various integrations, from 3rd party applications like GoToWebinar, to the HubSpot for Gmail sales extension, to a custom integration with proprietary software so that users may request a free trial via a HubSpot form.  

Year 3 : 


  • Custom Preference Center 2.0. Using the data collected from Year 1’s data strategy, TSL rebuilt the original Custom Preference Center to be smarter, easier, and more accurate. With processes already in place to understand if contacts were customers, prospects, or partners, the new Preference Center no longer required contacts to self-select. Backend lists and workflows could now identify customer contacts from prospects and automatically place contacts on accurate distribution lists with an out-of-the-box HubSpot subscription type.   

  • Onboard the Sales Team. TSL onboarded, enabled, and trained 400+ client-facing employees on HubSpot Sales/CRM, including custom training, inbox integrations, permission setting, and user-level team management.   

  • Reporting. TSL builds custom reports and dashboards for internal use, in addition to supporting Google Data Studio for external reporting.   

  • Product Acquisition. The Global Technology Company acquired another large technology company and migrated it from Marketo to the existing HubSpot instance’s contact database and data architecture. TSL strategized updates to the custom Preference Center, considerations for overlapping contacts, updated processes to reflect the new company’s structure, new email and landing page templates, and new integration processes.  

  • Lead Routing. TSL built complex workflows and processes to identify where contact should go for follow-up after engaging with the global technology company.   

  • Custom Objects for Product Renewals. TSL utilized HubSpot’s Custom Objects, paired with workflows and automated emails, to create a process for resellers to engage thousands of customers with 30/60/90-day product renewal reminder emails.   

  • Private Pages. TSL created private HubSpot pages for individual accounts. These pages require a login to view sensitive, account-specific information.   


Through these strategic initiatives, TSL has had the pleasure of collaborating with other preferred agencies identified by the global technology company. TSL enjoys these opportunities and has a reputation for being an excellent team player. 

TSL often advocates on behalf of our client and attends meetings with HubSpot's leadership team of Product to learn and provide input on the product roadmap and explore/test new areas to grow and innovate.   

TSL is an expert HubSpot partner with the skillset and agility to support the complexities and challenges of Enterprise clients. If you need help or advice, please reach out to us! 

HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner Program
“We have an incredibly complex segmentation structure, and TSL has been there with us from the start as a true extension of our team to project manage, strategize, and execute on data and campaign management.” 

- Enterprise Technology Company



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