TSL Marketing can help your software as a service (SaaS) company get the most out of your marketing development funds (MDF) and overall marketing budget through our proven and scalable lead generation campaigns. Over the last 25 years, we have refined our methodology to include working to understand the unique value proposition of your SaaS solutions to meet the demands of potential customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. We can help your SaaS company create a winning mix of sales and marketing tactics, such as content, social media, and digital advertising, for reaching your target customers through their preferred channels.  


Buyers Journey

I am very impressed with the energy I am getting and the follow-through.” 

– President of QAD CEBOS

The Challenge

  • How do I reach my target audience to establish brand awareness and communicate our value proposition?

  • How do I utilize my marketing budget and MDF to uncover truly qualified sales opportunities?

  • How do I build a sustainable campaign strategy that nurtures pipeline and leads to measurable ROI?


The Solution

TSL has developed an integrated, omni-channel methodology and approach to help achieve your SaaS company’s goals: 

  • Educate your audience with interesting, relevant content

  • Engage potential buyers with compelling offers

  • Progress qualified sales leads with always-on inside sales support

Integrated Campaign | Engagement Algorithm

Integrated Campaign Engagement Algorithm without Summary (1) (1)

TSL nailed it! Our new website is truly a transformation, and we can finally be proud to show it off. Thank you for everything.”  

– Craig Lis, Marketing and Communication Director – Carrier Logistics 


Campaigns for Leading SaaS Companies 



Why TSL?

We were founded 25 years ago with the mission of helping B2B technology customers grow their business. Our history of focusing on lead generation has enabled us to develop a winning suite of inside sales and digital marketing services for SaaS companies. We focus on getting to know your product offerings and the needs of your target customers so we can help your SaaS business attract, convert, and close new business. Our team of experienced marketers provides the expertise you need along with an understanding of the unique value proposition that makes your solutions stand out in the market. We will check all the boxes necessary for a successful engagement using the following resources and services:  

  • Integrated Marketing Manager

    Strategist and Project Management

    Coordination of the Project, End-to-End


  • Web & Content Designer

    Design All Digital Assets

    Includes: Survey, Emails, Landing Pages, Ads

  • Technical Copywriter

    Develop Copy for All Digital Assets

    Includes: Survey, Emails, Landing Pages, Ads

  • Digital Advertising Strategist

    Strategist to Drive Engagement via LinkedIn Ads

    Includes: LinkedIn Ads Setup and Management


  • Business Development Reps

    Engage, Nurture, and Progress the Leads

    Includes: Phone, Email, and Schedule Meetings

  • MDF and PoP Management

    Assist with MDF Applications and PoP

    Includes: Applications and Collecting Assets

  • Investment

    3-Month Campaign = ~$20,000 to $30,000


Not Sure Where to Start?

Whether you’re a SaaS company, MSP, MSSP, or CSP, we have prepackaged, integrated campaign offerings to help you grow.