Many small and mid-sized businesses rely on their managed service providers (MSPs) for product selection and review, so MSPs can be a great route to market for channel organizations that target the SMB space. 

TSL's roots are in the channel. Since our founding in 1999 as Technology Sales Leads, we've helped technology companies with all aspects of their channel. We also have decades of experience working with managed service providers (MSPs), so we understand the role they play in channel marketing and we have a team of experts ready to help. 

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TSL Marketing’s Channel Marketing With MSPs Difference  


    We have over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and have worked with thousands of channel partners, helping them to generate demand and progress leads. 


    We can support all your company’s regional or global channel systems because our reach extends beyond North America to Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, India, and Australia. 


    Our deep experience helps us understand and benchmark your existing strategy and then build comprehensive solutions to improve your channel ROI. 


Channel Sales and Marketing Workshops

TSL offers a variety of sales and marketing workshops. These workshops can be conducted face to face or online through the TSL Academy.

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Comprehensive Channel Solutions for MSP Partnership

The Business Development teams at TSL are managed by our all-star team of project managers who work with our clients to identify a target audience and craft a message for your services that caters to them. 

  • MSP Partner Recruitment

    A channel is only as strong as its partners. TSL helps channel organizations find the right MSPs to work with. 

  • Go-to-Market Planning With an MSP Partner

    Before going to market, channel organizations and their MSP partners need to determine if their value props can and should be aligned. 

  • Channel Marketing With MSPs Strategy

    We help companies develop an optimal MSP partner profile and then play a role in the staging, launch, and execution of the channel plan. 

  • Joint Demand Generation with MSPs

    TSL works with channel companies to help them lay a foundation for successful demand generation with MSP partners. 

  • Marketing Support Services

    We maintain a team of solution area experts that can support a wide range of channel sales and marketing needs. 

  • List Procurement and Development

    We help advise channel organizations and their MSP partners on their list of needs based on their target demographics and business goals. 


An Approach for Demand Generation, Inbound, and Outbound Marketing

Our work for channel organizations involves planning, developing, and managing their strategy execution. TSL assists in the development of channel strategy and helps to implement channel support programs that deliver results for channel organizations that partner with MSPs. We help our clients with a range of channel sales and marketing activities through our agile marketing methodology. 

  • Our Digital Marketing Growth Roadmap

    Read in greater detail about the formula we use for all our channel marketing clients.  

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  • Website Development

    • Brand Representation
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • User Experience (UX)
    • Heat Mapping
  • SEO

    • Website Analysis
    • Baseline Audit
    • Technical Fixes
    • Ongoing Monitoring & Updates
    • Content Strategy
  • Digital Advertising (PPC)

    • Account Setup
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Ad Performance Tracking & Management
    • Lead Attribution Analysis
    • Remarketing

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