We specialize in providing B2B IT digital marketing services for our clients. Our team is seeking an experienced contract-based digital copywriter to help improve the effectiveness of our clients' marketing materials.

This role and the ideal candidate will have a passion for writing and possess strong written communication skills. As a digital copywriter, you'll produce the written content for web pages and other digital or PDF-based content. We do not generate print media.

Your job will be to engage the reader and motivate them to do something, such as fill out a form to request a proposal. You may also write copy designed to convey valuable information about an IT product, service, or solution, or an industry-wide topic of interest.


Industry Focus  

  • B2B Technology Companies – IT Tech Space 



  • Writing compelling, SEO-friendly copy that is optimized for conversions for a wide range of digital marketing needs 

  • Collaborate with clients and creative teams  

  • Brainstorm and manage projects and juggle multiple deliverables 

  • Define key messages and brand voice for external communications 

  • Work with a team of marketers to help generate sales leads and improve the quality of our clients' web content 

  • Work directly with clients when it’s mutually agreed upon as part of the project scope 


Project Types  

  • Homepage website design  

  • Interior page website design  

  • eBooks  

  • Emails 

  • Landing Pages 

  • Digital infographics / interactive website pages  

  • Case Studies (PDF & Digital)  


Job Qualifications:  

  • Strong editorial, proofreading, and writing skills 

  • Experience writing conversion & SEO-focused content for websites and digital marketing campaigns 

  • Expertise in the IT Industry, or the ability to grasp technical concepts quickly 

  • Eagerness to work with a team of marketers 

  • Familiarity with keyword research and experience with SEO copywriting best practices 

  • Experience with social media and content marketing 

  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills 

  • Passion for writing with an excellent portfolio of work 

  • Attention to detail 

  • Willingness to work within our internal Style Guide (to be provided by our Content Manager) 

  • Collaboration with our digital team and participate in brainstorming, concepting, etc. This means attending internal and client meetings when needed 

  • Accepting of constructive feedback, including QA feedback from our internal team, and action updates and edits accordingly (this means producing multiple drafts per project) 

  • Adherence to deadlines and agreed-upon due dates 

  • Be able to provide a work estimate and communicate with the TSL Team if the agreed-upon estimate or plan needs to be altered in any way 

  • Expert user of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 

  • Experience with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint is a plus 

  • A degree in marketing, communications, journalism, English, or a related field 


If that sounds like you - please apply, we want to hear from you 😊 Make sure to provide a link to your portfolio and supply the application requirements listed below. You also can book time with our hiring team if you have questions.  


Application Requirements  

  • Provide a link to your copy portfolio and/or links to copywriting samples   

  • Your Hourly Rate  

  • Availability (how many hours per week you are available for projects)  

  • Hours & Days Available for Collaboration  

  • Time Zone / Location  

  • Confirm you are looking for a contract-based opportunity  


Job Type  

  • Contract  



  • Copywriting: 4+ years (Preferred)  


Location & Schedule:  

  • Fully remote based in the USA  

  • We serve our clients Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM – 5 PM EST  

  • The schedule is flexible, but we must cater to our clients' timelines and availability  

  • You will collaborate and work directly with a wide variety of digital team members. An assigned Project Manager will be your direct point of contact for the duration of each project.  


About TSL 


"I've grown so much here over the years and am truly excited for what is still to come."

--Norma Shepardson, Sr. Director, User Experience

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Our Commitment to Diversity

At TSL, we welcome a diverse pool of job and internship candidates because we understand that diversity is the key to success in our business. By providing a space for other perspectives to come to the table — no matter how big or small the issue or decision is — our potential for growth increases exponentially.



Interested in agency life? Send an email to our recruitment team to learn about our openings. You’ll gain valuable work experience while exploring what happens behind the scenes.


Employee Spotlight: Ryan Brady

From new college grad to SEO Subject Matter Expert, Ryan Brady is the perfect example of how persistence and enthusiasm can go a long way at TSL Marketing.

“I had just graduated college when I accepted a telemarketing position at TSL. Around that same time, TSL had started a creative department, which was something I was interested in as I had majored in digital art and design.

I began asking colleagues on the digital team if I could lend a hand on projects. They didn’t take me up on my offers at first, but I continued putting myself out there. After a couple of years, TSL opened up positions internally for the creative digital team. I thought, ‘This is perfect. This is my calling.’

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any of those spots, but I kept poking. TSL continued to get more digital work from new and existing customers, and eventually I was assigned a few hours per week to code emails. Delivering quality work on a few projects was the foot in the door that I needed.

Before I knew it, I had about eight hours a week in addition to being on the phones. The department was growing, and I continued to make myself available for design. My digital hours increased slowly until I was full-time creative. After about 3 years of experience working on landing pages and websites, I was asked to help out with technical SEO. I began with fixing images and links that were broken, but over time, I gained expertise in more advanced practices like optimizing content.

I got very lucky. I didn’t even find TSL at the start of it — they found me. We didn’t even have a creative team at the time. I stuck with TSL and just made sure I kept poking. And then it just snowballed.

There was always the sense of family that TSL gave me that I didn’t feel anywhere else. Nothing is perfect, but I appreciated the way TSL treated me and the way I felt like they’re always investing in me. The work I’m doing now is because TSL trained me and gave me the opportunity to learn. It was a bit of good timing, but it was also because TSL took the time as well, and I’m so grateful for it.”

Read Ryan’s Story

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