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TSL Chosen among Top 10 Partner Consulting Agencies


Aug 10, 2012

About 2 minutes

Channel Marketer Reporter (CMR) released their “Top 10 list for Channel Consultancies.” TSL Marketing not only made the cut, but was also featured prominently in a supporting feature on CMR’s website, which you can find here

Among other key takeaways, the report outlines how TSL has developed into “a leading standard” for global vendors seeking a channel marketing agency in emerging markets.

Why is TSL such a good match for technology vendors and their channel partners?

As TSL Marketing’s very own Managing Director Mike Kelly explained to CMR, “vendors in emerging markets like the Middle East / North Africa (MENA) and ASEAN are becoming far more focused on getting partners to run integrated campaigns that are focused on managing opportunities over the 6-18 month timeframe.”

What is the TSL difference for successfully managing these campaigns? Accountability. According to our research, vendors in these markets are demanding stricter ROI from partners within these regions. TSL delivers airtight channel reporting and updates which vendors crave.

“The essential piece is that this approach drives accountability for all parties – the agency, the partner, and the vendor,” Kelly said. “Closed-loop reporting combined with Win/Loss Analysis is the ultimate measure of success, and forces all parties to be accountable for ROI from all co-marketing spend.”

CMR recognizes that TSL Marketing has its ear to the ground for evolving marketing demands. TSL can meet all of your lead generation, nurturing, interactive marketing and consultancy needs over the long haul. Can you say the same for your current channel marketing consultancy agency?

Click here to read CMR’s full synopsis about TSL—including a case study featuring TSL’s on-the-mark work with Illumiti, a leading provider of SAP services.

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