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Need a Magic Website Content Generator? Consider Syndicated Content


Jun 06, 2013

About 2 minutes

Syndicated Content MarketingFor many SMB’s maintaining current and compelling website content is quite a challenge. It’s tough to keep-up with the demands of business development and marketing initiatives, much less ensure that product specific content on your website is up-to-date and fully engages your prospects. That’s where a content generator can help.

Currently, syndicated content is offered primarily in the technology vertical, which TSL Marketing specializes in. Industry leaders such as IBM, Lenovo, VMWare, CISCO, HP, Microsoft, and EMC (to name a few) have led the way with a variety of different platforms for leveraging content syndication.

Why incorporate syndicated content into your site?

Save Resources. Time spent updating product specs, finding insightful whitepapers, videos, and images could be spent performing other lead generating activities.

Drive Additional Traffic to Your Site – Most syndicated content pages are indexed by search engines and are well constructed for SEO, which in turn drives additional traffic to your site.

Increase Conversion Rate Optimization – Now that you have additional traffic, your goal is to keep them on your site. Content syndication is visually appealing and includes product details, videos, whitepapers, and other resources prospects would typically search a manufacturer’s website for. Instead, they stay on your website when performing product research.

Be a Thought Leader – Providing in-depth and relevant content positions your company as a thought leader, which increases customer confidence and website conversions. More conversions = more leads = more revenue.

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