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LinkedIn Ads to Generate Leads and Awareness in 2024

By TSL Marketing

Feb 28, 2024

About 13 minutes

TSL Marketing has stayed at the forefront of innovative practices for generating leads for 25 years by successfully developing a range of high-impact marketing strategies to help our B2B tech clients meet their goals, including the use of social media advertising platforms such as LinkedIn. We believe that utilizing LinkedIn Ads can be a great component in your overall lead generation strategy.  

Using LinkedIn Ads to boost your marketing strategies will ensure that you stay relevant and project authority in your industry. You can reach new customers and keep existing ones engaged with strategic marketing ads on a platform like LinkedIn. Optimize your campaigns to obtain high-quality leads, increase click-through rates and conversion rates, lower costs per acquisition, and generate more revenue in 2024.  

To perfect their strategy, companies should identify their target audiences and determine the most effective types of ads to create — such as paid social, paid search, and remarketing — and when to use them to reach those audiences.   

Here is a beginner’s guide to incorporating LinkedIn Ads into your 2024 strategy to generate leads. 

Why Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads 

When executed with a well-defined strategy, social media campaigns can be a crucial marketing technique. Social media marketing reaches audiences in a cost-effective, impactful way. Actively using LinkedIn Ads helps you improve brand awareness, connect with your audience, increase website traffic, and ultimately drive sales. 

Based on statistics from HubSpot, U.S. customers drive an average conversion rate of 6.1% from LinkedIn Ads. Companies can choose from a list of options and determine which type of LinkedIn Ad works best for their goals. We understand this may seem overwhelming, and that is why we are here to break it down for you.  

  • Single Image Ads – This type of ad includes one image and appears directly in the LinkedIn feed of professionals you want to reach. The single image ad supports all levels of full-funnel marketing.  
  • Carousel Ads - Carousel ads allow you to showcase up to 10 images with their own links in a single ad. With more creative space within an ad, you can highlight different services, products, and offers or tell a story about your company or brand that develops as members swipe through each image.  
  • Video Ads – Video ads captivate a professional audience with sight, sound, and motion in the LinkedIn feed. These ads are similar to single image ads but use a video.  
  • Text Ads – Text ads are simple ads served on the right-hand side or top of the LinkedIn desktop feed. Create pay per click (PPC) or cost per impression (CPM) bids to control spending within your budget.  
  • Dynamic Ads – This type of ad engages prospects with ads automatically personalized for them. You can personalize the experience for your audience by featuring each professional’s own LinkedIn profile data, such as photo, company name, job title, and more.  
  • Message Ads – This type of ad allows you to send direct messages via LinkedIn Messages to your prospects to spark immediate action.

Where to Begin with LinkedIn Ads 

When it comes to crafting your LinkedIn Ads, researching your competition is beneficial. Take some time to understand what is working well within your industry, and then you can create your strategy. Crafting your strategy will involve considering the goal and your target audience – who are you trying to reach? You can think about who your target audience is by asking these questions:  

  • What demographic are you targeting?  
  • What industry does your target audience work in?  
  • What positions does your target audience hold at their companies? 
  • Who are your existing ideal customers? 
  • What are the problems your services can solve for your audience?  

Once you have a better insight on these steps and a budget in mind, you will be able to choose your content type carefully, remembering to combine ads and inbound for the best outcome. Utilize your ads to drive to a dedicated landing page that is cohesive and consistent with your message. Once your LinkedIn Ad has been launched live, track outcomes and success through analytics. 

What Comes After LinkedIn Ads 

Keep your original goal in mind and measure the success of the LinkedIn Ad. By now, you should have a generated list of new leads to turn over to your sales or growth department. Your success in generating new leads doesn’t mean they are going to convert to customers overnight. However, you are several steps further than you were before. Now you have successfully incorporated an important, innovative strategy into your 2024 lead generation plan. 

For further LinkedIn information, check out our On-Demand Webinar with LinkedIn: How MSPs Can Generate New Customers. 

Ask for a proposal to further understand lead generation and LinkedIn Ad campaigns.  

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