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Make Your Small Marketing Department More Efficient

By Ryan Nicholson

Dec 16, 2018

About 3 minutes

As a marketer in a small marketing department (or a department of one), it can be difficult to meet all the needs of your leadership team. So how can you be more efficient when you have limited people resources?

Include your whole company in your marketing.

Even if they have no insight into what you are doing (or have ideas that are way off from the plan), it is always good to get fresh ideas, regardless of where they come from.

Get Participation from Your Sales Team

Your sales team is often a great place to start. They're typically the most in-touch with your customers and prospects. Need a list of topics for your company blog? Talk to your sales team about the most frequent questions that prospects ask during the buying process. 

Listen to Your Subject Matter Experts

Your company's subject matter experts are perfect interview subjects when you're trying to build content, especially technical content. Schedule time with them over the next few months to pick their brains to get deeper insight on your products and solutions. They're also good resources for identifying trends in your market.

Get the full Team Involved in Marketing

Here are some other ways you can include everyone without taking up too much time (on all fronts):

  • Schedule a quarterly marketing presentation for the whole office to show them what you are doing and ask for insight
  • Send a monthly email with marketing highlights
  • Create a marketing "suggestion box" where employees can enter their ideas for potential campaigns
  • Create a "creative" award for the most creative individual in a company outside of marketing. This can be awarded monthly, quarterly, or annually 
  • Ask them to participate by sharing your company's content and offers on social media channels like LinkedIn


Marketing Buy-in from your Leadership Team

All of the previous suggestions will be made easier if you can get buy-in from your leadership team. If your greater team hears from the company leaders that marketing is important for the organization, they're more likely to participate in your initiatives. Even better, get leadership to fully participate themselves so that they're leading by example.

The more that you can get your greater company involved, the less your company's marketing will feel like a one-person show. With the help of other team members, you can gain knowledge, get new ideas, and amplify your marketing efforts.

You also aren't alone! Take a look at our digital infographic B2B Marketing is Hard for some insights into how your fellow marketers are dealing with common marketing trends.

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