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Drive More Conversions on Your B2B Tech Website with a Primary Offer

By Norma Shepardson

Jun 02, 2023

About 18 minutes


If you have ever visited a website that drew you in and made you want to learn more but then left you hanging without a clear and easy way to take a next step, then you already know why it’s critical for every B2B Tech Website to feature a Primary Offer CTA (call-to-action).   

But maybe you don’t know exactly how to get that primary CTA built out, or what it should be, or where it should go, or….or….  


Don’t worry, we have you covered. Read on for some simple tips that will have your B2B Tech Website up and running with a primary offer ASAP! 

Designing a Solution-Oriented Primary Offer for Your B2B IT Website

Every B2B Tech Website should have a primary CTA that can be used sitewide to allow website visitors to convert when they are ready to take the next step. TSL refers to this as the primary website offer and CTA. 

As a B2B Tech Company, you will want to create a primary CTA that speaks to your target audience and addresses a common challenge or pain point. You also want to give website visitors a clear and easy way to take the next step on your website for when they reach the point in their buyer’s journey that they are ready to act. 

We’ve gathered 5 examples of primary offers across various types of B2B Tech Companies that can be created to suit a specific, yet broad, audience. These offers can be utilized across any type of B2B Tech Company, but are shown here as illustrative examples to help get your creativity fired up:


  1. MSP: Request a Managed IT Services Quote  
  2. MSSP: Get a Free Cybersecurity Assessment    
  3. SaaS: Book an Expert-Led Demo  
  4. SP: Request an IT Assessment & Analysis  
  5. CSP: Book a Data & Analytics Consultation 

Identify the key features, benefits, and outcomes of your primary offer  

To get started, you should try to align with the process your sales team currently uses to progress new prospects. If your team currently has a go-to and proven process, stick with that and use it as the basis for your website’s primary offer.

For example, if your team currently has a process in place for providing new, qualified prospects with a free demo of your solution, that would be a great place to start. You would simply want to translate that process to your website and use ‘book a demo’ as your primary offer.

If you do not have a process in place, you can start with one of our proven primary offer examples that are shared in the list above. The goal isn’t to achieve perfection, but rather simply to give qualified prospects a clear and easy way to reach out to your team for more information and next steps when they are ready. 

Building Your Primary B2B Tech Website Offer

Once you have identified what your primary offer will be, you are ready to add it to your website. The steps below will help you to create a compelling landing page and lead capture form.

Building Your Landing Page

  • Build your primary offer: Create a dedicated Landing Page & Thank You Page that will build the full value of your Primary Offer.  
  • Confirm the Offer: Be sure it’s clear what action you want qualified visitors to take.  
    • Ex. Request a Proposal for Managed IT Services
  • Clarify who the offer is for: Build some qualifiers into your body copy that allow users to self-qualify before they take the next step of filling out the form. 
  • Clearly define what to expect: Bullet out what will happen when users fill out the form and include all stages of the process, as seen on this example landing page. Be as transparent as possible so that users feel comfortable with what is coming next.  
  • Establish trust with your users: Consider including an ‘about us’ statement, testimonial, partner emblems, ratings, etc. These will help to keep the user on the page instead of having them look elsewhere to establish that they trust your expertise.  
  • Make your form clear and easy to use: A functional, clearly labeled form like this one is key. Since your primary offer is likely more of a bottom-of-funnel (BoFU) offer, we encourage you to include a qualifying question or two to both help your team sift through conversions and to help the user further self-qualify. 

Here is a version of the list above to help you create your ultimate primary offer landing page:  


Here are some sample CTAs and buttons being used to promote the primary offer throughout the website: 

  • primary-offer
  • cybersecurity-primary-offer

primary-offer-for -integrated-b2b-websiteprimary-offer-for-B2B-tech-website

Getting the Most from Your Primary Offer 

  • Navigation: Include the primary navigation as part of the page to give visitors the ability to continue their research of your brand as needed. 
  • Thank You Page: Set up a Thank You page to provide a seamless user experience and so that you have a way to set up tracking. 
  • Buttons: Add CTAs and buttons that complete the statement ‘I want to’ to each page on your MSP Website to ensure qualified visitors can easily convert when ready. We also encourage you to include the primary offer CTA button as part of the top navigation, as seen here.  
  • Relevant Content: Continue to add informative content such as web pages, blogs, case studies, and eBooks to your website that will help to highlight your expertise and support your primary offer. Giving users an easy way to continue the research phase of their buyer’s journey will allow them to return to the offer page and convert when they are ready. 
  • Social Proof: Incorporating social proof elements on your B2B Tech Website, such as testimonials, case studies, ratings, and reviews, will help users to build confidence in your brand and will showcase your industry expertise. 
  • Add More Offers: After a Primary CTA is established and being used sitewide, additional offers can be created to give website users an even more targeted and strategic experience on your MSP Website. You can create versions of your primary offer that are more tailored to your priority services and solutions (ex. Request a Hybrid & Multicloud Assessment, Request a Managed IT Services Quote for Federal Agencies). You also can create completely new offers on your site that are specific to the pain points and challenges being felt by your customers. The opportunities are endless, but getting started with the basics is key. 

Measuring and Optimizing Conversion Performance 

Once your primary offer is set up on your website, you will want to be sure that your team has a process in place for tracking conversions and progressing leads. Some things that you will want to check off your list for measuring performance include:  

  • Setting up analytics and tracking tools to measure the performance of your primary offer. Many of our clients need help in this area and turn to our team of SEO Experts to take care of this part.  
  • Analyzing conversion data and metrics to identify areas for improvement. 
  • Implementing lead nurturing campaigns to build relationships and guide B2B Tech prospects through the sales funnel. 

What’s Next for My B2B Tech Website? 

Now, in the beginning we decided that you already knew why your B2B Tech Website needs a primary offer. Hopefully the tips shared here arm you with enough knowledge and confidence to get started on building out your primary offer so that your site can start generating leads for you ASAP. But what if you find it difficult to get started or simply lack time or resources? 


Well, we are here to help 🙂. Our team has created primary offers for hundreds of B2B Tech Companies and we’d be thrilled to help with yours.  

As per our very own primary offer, click here to request a proposal for marketing services if you want to get started.

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