Elevate Your Channel Partner Success with TSL's MSP Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing Consulting Services for Channel Organizations that Partner With MSPs 

The consulting packages TSL offers enable us to deliver marketing plans at all levels of the channel that are aligned with your strategy. Whether we are consulting at the program level or consulting for the individual managed service providers (MSPs) that are your channel partners, our Co-Marketing Plans combine your strategy, budget, and business goals with that of your MSP channel partners. 

This alignment ensures the MSPs you choose as your channel partners become recognized, known, and trusted while promoting your solutions. With our consulting packages, you know where and how your co-marketing funds are being invested so you can better predict return on investment (ROI). 

TSL’s affordable planning packages offer MSP channel partners the opportunity to engage at the level that is right for them now and into the future. 

Our team of sales and marketing professionals offers consultations on the following topics: 

  • Channel Strategy Consultation 
  • Sales Enablement Consultation 
  • Social Media Consultation 
  • Search Engine Optimization Consultation
  • Content and Website Audits
  • Landing Page Optimization Consultation 

With our marketing consultations, channel organizations can leverage TSL’s deep experience in strategic channel marketing. We know what works and what doesn’t when defining a channel strategy that involves MSP partners. 

Our proven, proprietary co-marketing deployment structure delivers maximum business results. We provide you with a scalable, efficient solution that builds MSP partner revenue, ensures corporate control, and accounts for budget allocations and messaging across all managed services partners and end-markets. 

Marketing Consultation From Subject Matter Experts 

As a strategic partner, TSL supports many B2B technology businesses and MSPs that work with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In some cases, we act as an outsourced marketing department. 

We’re familiar with all forms of small B2B technology businesses, including multi-manufacturer channel partners and funded startups. 

Channel organizations that want to partner with MSPs benefit from our world of experience and our quick and efficient marketing plan development, which drives top-line revenue. 

In addition to marketing plan development, we have in-house subject matter experts available to share their knowledge on a variety of B2B technology and MSP marketing topics, including marketing planning, branding consultations, digital audits, and social media consultations. 


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Marketing Planning

We help channel organizations and their MSP partners plan and develop their go-to-market strategies. We conduct sales and marketing alignment sessions, as well as help create marketing calendars. We provide you with realistic marketing plans that aim to deliver ROI and are built around your team's strengths. 

Our seasoned consultants can quickly and efficiently develop marketing plans that maximize incoming Market Development Funds (MDF) from your various funding sources. We can also deliver go-to-market strategies that will achieve measurable milestones for funded startups. 

Branding Consultation 

Whether your channel organization is considering a rebrand or needs a comprehensive branding strategy, TSL’s marketing teams can help. We have spent more than a decade helping technology companies and MSPs hone and reinvent their brand. We offer strategic direction to help you align your brand with your audience. In addition, we help you build out buyer personas so that your team has a better understanding of the wants and needs of your ideal customers. 

Our team understands the details that go into an overall branding strategy, so we can help with everything from logo creation to the selection of colors and fonts for your website. We are here to help you build a brand that differentiates your company from the competition. 

Digital Audits

Many of our digital marketing engagements start out with a Digital Audit. Our SEO and Digital Marketing experts analyze your digital presence to help you make data-driven marketing decisions. The digital audits consist of SEO, content, and user experience (UX) analyses. 

SEO Audit

Our SEO audit goes beyond keyword analysis. We take a deep look at both on-page SEO and the technical factors of your website that may be preventing it from being found in search. Our SEO expert then sits down with you to go through our report and make recommendations. 

Digital Content Audit

To prepare your content assessment, our team of Inbound Marketing Experts takes an inventory of your digital content. We also give you a gap analysis that helps guide you in future content creation. Our team analyzes your conversion paths and landing pages and provides guidance on conversion optimization and linking strategy. 

User Experience (UX) Testing

Our UX experts explain your website's current user experience. We give your channel organization insight into which pages people use as an entry point for your site and how visitors are flowing through the site. Our analysis shows you which pages people are abandoning, which pages people are clicking through to, and what their behavior is like once they get to those pages. Heat-mapping software gives you a deeper look into how people interact with your website. 

AdWords Analysis

Our AdWords Certified Specialists offer consultation on how to improve your existing AdWords campaign to achieve higher landing page quality scores, better keyword targeting, and better ad structure setup.

We know the common errors that are made when AdWords is set up without the help of an expert. Our goal is to increase your conversion rates and optimize your cost per click. We also help clients who are seeking to extend their AdWords campaigns into Google Display or Remarketing.

Social Media Consultation

Social media marketing takes time, effort, and—most importantly—a proper plan. Our Social Media Managers have worked with hundreds of technology companies and MSPs, providing them with planning and insight into the world of social media. 

We help channel organizations and their MSP partners expand their audience, improve employee engagement, and increase their digital content's reach. Whether you're completely new to the social media marketing world or are looking to breathe new life into your stagnant social media presence, we can help.