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Medical Device Marketing Infographic: How To Market To Doctors

By Chuck Malcomson

March 2, 2016

About 2 minutes

screen_shot_2013-02-12_at_1.47.44_pm1.pngThere has been a massive shift in the way consumers reach buying decisions. The effectiveness of  traditional marketing tactics like print ads, direct mail and television commercials has been hamstrung by technologies like DVRs. Consumers now decide when and how they will engage with your brand. 

It is now natural for a consumer to research online before making a purchase. 

This percentage, while already high, will continue to rise with the widespread adoption of smart phones. 

How To Market To Doctors

The question for medical device marketers is: are doctors using online sources to research their purchases? Studies published by the CDC and NIH along with some compelling information from Google show that doctors are using the internet and social media to research purchases and health topics as well. 

No longer are tradeshows, catalogs and sales teams enough. The companies who embrace inbound medical device marketing will separate themselves from the competition, generate more leads and dramatically increase revenue. 

How to market to doctors? Your medical device marketing plan needs an inbound component. 



Reaching Physicians With Search and Social - An infographic about  How To Market To Doctors.

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