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TSL Marketing is a full-service channel marketing agency with over 20 years of experience.

As B2B technology marketing experts, we provide a wide range of marketing services and solutions.

At TSL, we implement integrated, agile, and closed-loop marketing methodologies to increase engagement and maximize ROI.​ We take a SMART approach to marketing by helping companies set goals that are:


1 Specific


2 Measurable


3 Attainable


4 Revelant


5 Timely



Read about what we can do for Blue Prism Partners like your company.



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No-Cost Marketing Planning

TSL offers complimentary marketing plans and assessments for Blue Prism Partners so they can optimize their digital marketing efforts.

Co-Marketing Plan Creation

TSL works with business partners to create detailed marketing plans that include:

  • Defining differentiators and value-add
  • Identifying target markets
  • Developing marketing mix to increase ROI
  • Training on lead management, nurture, and progression
  • Creating a marketing timeline
  • Assessing digital efforts

Marketing Consultation

Through a Marketing Consultation, we can develop an integrated marketing plan that leverages: 

  • Digital
  • Events
  • Social Media
  • Search
  • Content
  • Telemarketing

Digital Marketing Assessments

Our Digital Marketing Assessments help Blue Prism Partners establish a baseline and learn where to begin with their new digital marketing strategy.

Our team will thoroughly review your current digital practice and produce a 15-page report that includes:

1 Website

Website SEO, UX
and CRO

2 Responsiveness

Mobile and

3 Content


4 Response

Response/ Lead

5 Social

Social Presence

6 Platforms

Platform for
Sales and

7 Recomendations

on Best Practices

Assessment Options

We have two standard assessments available. However, we can customize assessments
for Blue Prism Partners.

Digital Marketing Assessment

One of our marketing consultants will review your company's:

  • Blogs
  • Landing Pages
  • Web Presence
  • Mobile Setup
  • LinkedIn/ Twitter
  • SEO

SEO Audit

One of our SEO experts will produce:

  • Site Grade/ Score
  • Top Issues Summary
  • Search Engine Results
  • Site Speed Analysis
  • Page Markup Review
  • Error Analysis
  • Recommendations
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No-Cost Content Creation


Marketing content is a great way for Blue Prism Partners to establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry.

Content and Integrated Campaign Creation

TSL’s content production team will work with your company to write a blog post based on your input and direction. We will work together to create an awareness campaign around the blog post and publish it on the Blue Prism site.

TSL Content Creation Services Include:

1 Blog

Blog post

2 Posting

Posting blog on
Blue Prism site
(subject to approval)

3 Linking

Linking post
back to partner

4 Landing Pages

for landing page

5 Campaign


6 Case Study

Cast study


CTA and offer

8 Social Posting

Social posting

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Partner and/or MDF-Funded
Agency Services

As a Growth Agency serving B2B technology companies for 20 years, TSL offers a comprehensive portfolio of Growth Services to support strategic marketing initiatives and to feed your marketing pipeline.

Growth Services

Get Found in Search

with SEO, Paid Search, and Web Conversion Optimization

Build Awareness

with Social Media Management, Paid Social Ads, Nurture Campaigns, and Content

Build Sales Pipeline

with Responder Follow-Up and Qualification, Outbound Lead Generation, and Data Profiling

Quick Start Digital Lead Generation

Quick Start marketing packages for join efforts with Blue Prism are:

Guaranteed Lead Gen

including Digital and Outbound Efforts, Quick Start Programs, and SQL Generation

Digital Lead Gen

including Custom Digital Campaign Development, Paid Social Ads, and Landing Page Creation

SEO Foundation

including SEO Technical Tune Up and PPC Consulting

Get Started With TSL Marketing Services for Blue Prism Partners

Team up with TSL Marketing to start transforming your digital
marketing strategy. Reach out to TSL to discuss what marketing
solutions and services are right for your company.