TSL executes strategic multi-touch marketing campaigns that deliver marketing results. Our team will help you to shape an ideal buyer profile, and then through the optimum application of integrated marketing tactics we will deliver buyers to your funnel.

We excel at lead progression and our tele-services teams provide lead verification and validation, lead progression and lead nurturing solutions including delivering BANT qualified leads. Also available is an in-house technology sales team that can move BANT qualified leads through to RFP / Proposal and if desired through to close.

Our online services include SEO, SEM, online media, social media and e-mail marketing. Content is crucial to online marketing and our in house SME’s develop compelling blogs, white papers and case studies to support your demand generation system. Outbound marketing services include list generation, de-duping & cleansing and dimensional mail campaigns, advertising campaigns and events support.

Senior Content Editor

Full Time

Why Join TSL Marketing?

As a fully-integrated marketing organization that partners with the world’s most elite IT companies, TSL Marketing offers employment opportunities across a wide range of roles and skillsets. Our team is comprised of a variety of expert-level, creative-minded marketing experts who collaborate and grow in a fast-paced and exciting digital marketing environment.

Our team works in a fast-paced agency environment and is comprised of experts in our industry, ranging from graphic artists, developers, and writers to strategists and project managers.

The TSL team is collaborative and works together on projects for the world’s leading IT companies.  

Job Summary

Strategic member of the creative leadership team. Works alongside senior copywriters and strategists to help set content direction and style. Leads the quality control assurance team that is responsible for proofreading and evaluating all content that passes through the Creative Team, including copy, design, and development. Goal is to correct all inconsistencies and grammatical errors, as well as ensure the art matches the content.

Major Tasks, Responsibilities, & Key Accountabilities

  • Promotes and builds an opportunity for team to continue creative and technical growth. Communicates ideas about creative solutions, production issues, job assignments, and any other key decisions needed during the course of every project.

  • Opens, proofs, and edits deliverables to ensure that repeat mistakes are corrected, allowing the designers to work more efficiently and productively. Notes and questions artwork and layout errors as needed while proofreading.

  • Proofreads each project for style issues, inconsistencies, grammatical errors, and any potential errors to ensure we deliver error-free content and marketing materials. Reviews all pieces and is responsible, in part, for maintaining style guides and internal and client brand standards.

  • Rewrite parts of text, as necessary and queries copywriters and designers when unsure of intent.

  • Provides project coordination support as needed on multiple/large projects.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Handles multiple projects while paying close attention to priority items and tight deadlines

Nature and Scope

  • Identifies key barriers/core problems and applies problem solving skills to deal creatively with complex situations. Troubleshoots and resolves complex problems. Makes decisions under conditions of uncertainty, sometimes with incomplete information, that produce effective end results.

  • Independently performs assignments with instruction limited to results expected. Determines and develops approach to solutions. Receives technical guidance only on unusual or complex problems or issues.

  • May oversee the completion of projects and assignments, including planning, assigning, monitoring, and reviewing progress and accuracy of work, evaluating results, etc. Contributes to the professional development of the copy team, but does not have hiring or firing authority.

Work Environment

  • Most of the time is spent sitting in a comfortable position, and there is frequent opportunity to move about.

  • Located in a comfortable indoor area. Any unpleasant conditions would be infrequent and not objectionable.

  • Typically requires BS/BA in related discipline. Generally, 5-8 years of experience in related field. Certification is required in some areas OR MS/MA and generally 3-5 years of experience in related field. Certification is required in some areas.
  • Reports to the Creative Director.

Preferred Qualifications and Jobe Specific Details

  • Bachelor's degree.

  • Leadership experience.

  • Ability to read and comprehend text rapidly and thoroughly to meet tight and changing deadlines. The same applies to reviewing designed files and websites.

  • Firm understanding of the editorial process. General understanding of the production process (both print and digital), including the ability to recognize layout problems.
  • Experience in a marketing setting required, familiarity of IT topics a plus.

Functional Area:
 Creative Team

Job Locations: US  MD – Columbia

Additional notes or requirements

Once an applicant has been qualified for the position, the next step in the application process will be to perform a test project. 

We're not accepting applications from agencies.

TSL is committed to staying ahead of the competition while continuing to cultivate company growth and a WOW Customer Excellence. Our goal is to continue to wow and delight our customers with great people doing great work.

  • Embrace the TSL Experience and contribute positively as an internal customer.
  • Be an agent for change and think outside the box.
  • Strive to WOW our clients on a daily basis.
  • Play hard, but work harder.
  • Continually find ways to make TSL a better place to work.

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