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Marketing happens both inside and outside the company...


Sep 23, 2010

About 2 minutes

As a marketer, it is easy to feel like the person across the table from you is thinking just this: 

dilbert cartoon.marketing guy

It's no question that as marketers we are often looked at as the odd duck out. People don't always take us seriously, and hey let's be honest, to be a marketer you have to have a little bit of "cooky" in you. But this doesn't mean that you have to enter all meetings with the intent to be the "marketer." To be a part of the team it is important to listen to your company as a whole and learn how to interlace your role in with the rest of your peers. Marketing happens both inside and outside of the company. So how can you cross the chasm between being the "cooky" department to engaging yourselves as a fully integrated company?

Include your whole company in your marketing.

Even if they have no insight into what you are doing (or have ideas that are way off from the plan) it is always good to get fresh ideas, regardless of where they come from. Who knows, Bob in IT may have a stellar dimensional mailer campaign just waiting to bring you results! What's more, your team members are more likely to find your ideas as beneficial to the company and less likely to brush off your ideas as fluff. Here are some ways you can include everyone without taking up too much time (on all fronts):

  • Schedule a quarterly marketing presentation for the whole office to show them what you are doing and ask for insight
  • Send a monthly email with marketing highlights
  • Create a marketing landing page where employees can enter their ideas for potential campaigns
  • Create a "creative" award for the most creative individual in a company outside of marketing. This can be awarded monthly, quarterly, or annual 
  • And more

The more you get your company involved, the less they are going to want to smack you in the head before your meetings!