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Finding a new job during a recession


Jan 30, 2009

About 3 minutes

I recently met up with Dave Brown, the principle consultant for Ridge Global Marketing (a premier partner of TSL's) who mentioned to me that he was writing an article regarding tips to landing a new job even with the economic downturn. As several people have been reaching out to myself and my colleagues looking for new job opportunities due to recent layoffs within their company, or upcoming "re-organizations;" I figured what better than to share this article with TSL's universe and show that their can be light at the end of the tunnel.

David Brown; Principal Consultant for Ridge Global Marketing writes:

According to TechCrunch's Layoff Tracker, nearly 120,000 employees in the tech sector have lost their jobs since August 27, 2008. And the number is growing. As a result of the current economic climate, many Professional Services Leaders who once considered their jobs safe are now finding themselves back in the job market. It’s an uphill slog to be sure, with few open slots and many experienced candidates dusting off their resumes and targeting the next opportunity. Not only is it a buyer’s market but competition among world-class candidates is fierce. With this in mind, I was recently asked to consider the following: In order to differentiate ourselves in the job market, can we package and sell ourselves in the same way that organizations sell a product or service? Is it possible to architect and execute a sales campaign for ourselves? Can we in effect sell “Corporate Me” into the career market?

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